Admission Continues for 80, 81, 82 and 83 Batches in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

SAP Power User Courses

SAP is a world leader in enterprise Resource planning (ERP) software that helps business streamline their processes, improve productivity and efficiency with the use of real time data for planning and implementation.


SAP FICO Online/Regular

40 hrs. With Practical Training

SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP where FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling. SAP FICO module is very robust and covers almost all business process encountered in various industries. It is one of the very important and widely implemented modules in SAP.
The objective of this course is to provide knowledge on basic and advanced level techniques of SAP FICO to the candidates.

SAP MM Online/Regular

40 hrs. With Practical Training

SAP Material Management system is essentially an element of Logistics. It is counted as one of the most important modules when talking about SAP ERP software. The MM application module allows the user to manage and procure the data in a very organized manner. The SAP MM module has plenty of aspects such as receiving and purchasing goods, material storage, inventory and most importantly planning based on consumption.
The objective of this course is to make our candidates master SAP MM. The course is designed in such a way that it has simplified the learning process. From basic to advanced level techniques, you will learn all about SAP MM.

SAP PP Online/Regular

40 hrs. With Practical Training

SAP Production Planning (SAP PP) is the component of ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses plan the manufacturing, sale and distribution of goods. SAP PP plays a vital role in a manufacturer's supply chain and integrates with other ECC modules such as Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Finance (FI), Controlling (CO) and Human Resources (HR).

 Production Planning is the process of aligning demand with manufacturing capacity to create production and procurement schedules for finished products and component materials.It tracks and makes a record of the manufacturing process flows, for example, the planned and actual costs. Also, goods movements from the conversion of raw material to semi-finished goods.

 SAP PP is one of most important modules of SAP ERP which deals with the production planning processes like Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Planning, Movement of raw material and goods, Cost management etc.

 This SAP PP course is helpful in leaning practically all the important aspects of production and planning.

SAP Online/Regular

40 hrs. With Practical Training

The popularity of SAP originates from ERP, the software tool that helps companies handle human resource management, sales, customer relationship and inventory management with least investment while making data available to users worldwide through online and cloud based solutions.

 In order to operate efficiently, SAP helps ERP integrate seamlessly with systems, applications and products which is the core aspect of every business. Because of its prominence, most IT companies and the entire business sector want to adopt it for cloud based resource management which in turn demands more trained professionals to come onboard to help them out in the process.

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