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Data Analytics

Leading data analytics institution in Kerala

Demand for data-driven decisions is fueling data analyst jobs across sectors. To meet fast-growing analytics talent shortage, Mithra Institute, Leading data analytics institution in Kerala, offers an intensive Data Analytics certification integrating statistical methods and BI tools.


Designed by analytics experts from top IT majors, our industry-oriented curriculum builds strong capabilities in statistical modeling and data visualization using leading business intelligence platforms. Core focus areas covered are data extraction, cleaning, exploratory/confirmatory analysis and predictive modeling to unearth contextual insights for fact-based business strategy.

Learn descriptive stats fundamentals before progressing to predictive analytics using Regression, Forecasting, Hypothesis Testing and Experimental Design techniques. Extensive hands-on training in Excel, Power BI, Tableau and Python lets you implement end-to-end analytics from raw data sourcing to interactive dashboard representation.

Capstone projects in verticals like finance, marketing and healthcare provide real-world experience aligned to industry expectations. Those from non-technical domains get a primer on essential programming and database concepts while intermediate coders can deep-dive directly into advanced analytics.

Flexible batches coupled with modular course phases make learning convenient for working professionals too. Program culminates with exclusive job interview training by analytics hiring leaders across sectors.

Join Kerala’s top institute for analytics reskilling today to fast-track your career in this $224 billion global Big Data and BI market!

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